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Internet Meanies

Rebecca Sedwick

Rebecca Sedwick

This past Sunday I was flipping through the New York Times when I happened to come upon a story titled Dealing With Digital Cruelty by  It’s been a year since I had written a post about a particularly sad incident of internet cruelty.  Back then, 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick had leaped to her death after being cyberbullied by a coterie of 15 middle-school children who urged her to kill herself.  Upon reading the Times story, I decided to revisit this issue.

The Times article begins, “Anyone who has ever been online has witnessed, or been virtually walloped by, a mean comment.”

Because communication on the internet can provide anonymity and invisibility it can lead many to feel uninhibited. If someone is sitting right in front of you, there is a chance that a mean comment could lead to the insulter ending up with a fat lip or witnessing streams of tears running dowTextingn a sweet face.  Not so when all you see is some letters.



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